Leeds Beer Festival, IMBC 2012, and the months ahead…

So it’s all been go here, with some upgrades to the brewhouse we’ll be brewing a lot more beer and some higher abv stuff destined for bottles. Sales have been shooting up and general demand is growing which is all good – so thanks to everyone who has been drinking the beers and getting the word out. Us small micros wouldn’t survive without you.

Some updates on the beer front:

Pumpkin Ale will be making its return for October, so keep an eye out for it, as soon as the pumpkins are harvested it’ll get brewed! Not much change to be made this year, maybe a few more spices in the beer but I was pretty happy with the last batch.

Imperial Breakfast Stout will be getting brewed this month and will be aged for Christmas/New Year. More details will be released for this nearer the time as I’m keeping quiet on the full recipe for the time being!

Imperial Cranberry Stout will also be brewed due to the popularity of it last year. This time loads more cranberries are going in it.

Beer will be going over to the inaugural Leeds International Beer Festival which starts this week and promises to be very good. I will be pouring my beers on Friday night and Saturday afternoon sessions so I hope to see you there.

Plans afoot for IMBC 2012 – There’ll be some core range stuff modified for it and an extra special collaboration between myself, North Tea Power and IMBC organisers which is a bit of a secret. This festival looks to be exceptionally good, and I of course will be in attendance and may be behind the bar at some point…

Beers are being provided for Didsbury Beer Festival from 1st – 3rd November, as yet undecided what they’ll go for but should be good as always.

Collaborations this month with Bitches Brewing Co., Marble, Rob from Hand Drawn Monkey Beer Shop, Huddersfield, Tom at The Pied Bull, Chester and, of course, Colin from Black Isle Brewery to create what will be SK2.

I think that’s about it – a busy September ahead, excellent. Best get to it!

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